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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

We are one of the well-recognized Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers. The plant produces up to 90 tons of hot mix asphalt product in an hour. The portable units of our Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are Trailor-Mounted/Tractor-Mounted. They are easily moved from one job site to another site. After arriving at a new site, the plant can be rapidly set-up for operation within just a few hours. The plant fully meets the needs of contractors who do a lot of small projects such villages road, parking lots and PNGSY works. But it is also well suited for secondary roads, especially those in rural areas. Cranes are not required for set up. The plant includes cables to interconnect the units. They can be quickly into receptacles of the various units.

The main components of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are Cold Aggregate Feeder Unit, Drying & Mixing Unit, Mineral Filler Unit, Load-Out Conveyor, Asphalt Tank and Computerized Control Panel.

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Cold Aggregate Feeder Unit

The hoppers of the Cold Aggregate Feeder Unit of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant have been properly designed with slopes, allowing a constant discharge of dust is fitted with vibratory motor to ensure the free flow. Each hopper is equipped with an adjustable opening door that determines the discharge quantity for the materials capacity


Drying & Mixing Unit

The Drying & Mixing Unit is long rotating cylindrical mounted on sturdy and robust steel structure. The electronic two-stage high-pressure jet burner is mounted on the chassis on the input side. The rotation of Drum is through heavy-duty gearbox, coupled with motor through suitable coupling. The drum is also supported by 4


Mineral Filler Unit

Mineral Filler Unit is an integral part of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant. The piping is provided up to coating zone in the thermo-drum. The system is powered by a variable speed motor coupled with gearbox to rotary valve and also synchronized with aggregates and bitumen. The feeding of Mineral Filler Unit (lime/cement) is pneumatic by


Load-Out Conveyor

Mixed hot material taken out from mixer drum is carried by inclined hot Load-Out Conveyor and discharged into the tipper/truck through automatic hydraulic surge storage hopper. The surge storage hopper of approximately 350 to 1000 KGS is provided at the discharge end of the conveyor. The surge storage hopper is hydraulically


Dryer Burner

Dryer Burner or Thermo-drum Burner is the heart of the entire Asphalt Drum Mix Plant; hence its efficiency, ease of serviceability etc. are most significant factors.


Salient Features

  • Two stage high & low
  • Capacity to reduce the moisture up to 0.5% and achieve 160

Asphalt Tank

Fully insulated double walled tank is equipped with separate high-pressure electronic burner for heating the Asphalt and control unit capable of metering and spraying required quantity of bitumen at specified temperature. The positive displacement jacketed Asphalt pump coupled with reduction gearbox and variable speed motor is provided with


Computerized Control Panel

Our Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is provided with fully automatic Computerized Control Panel, which has the latest microprocessor technology with printer for operation of the plant. All Controls, including the motor control center circuit breakers, are provided in the control Panel. The Computerized Control Panel is comprised of the